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So that ROCKS because talk about peace of mind — not only are they feeding, playing, and taking care of our cats, but they can spot any strange health problems while we are out of town. Anyway, keep reading after the jump to see the hilarious texts and pictures between the catsitters and I! I texted our view from the Excalibur hotel to our catsitter Ginger!

ME: Merry Xmas from Vegas!

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We r here now. Looking forward to hearing how the cats are! The boys greeted me! Oreo is telling me to feed them NOW! I pet her throughout he lining and talked to her. I showed her the laser. It sounds like she just came through the kitty door so I will her space and time. The boys are eating happily!

She is always so suspicious but she will warm up. But she did talk back a little.

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She will warm up again! Thank you so much for the wine and cookies and Starbucks card! Thank YOU again! Is Oreo too fat and is beet okay no fever or hot body? I think he is fine but I am always paranoid with him. Eating and rubbing his face on my ugg boots!

Oreo looks healthy! These pics r adorable and I love how Oreo is being all pushy in having u take his pic too!

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R they eating well? Is Oreo being greedy? He watches them play with the laser and joins in a little. Hope your having a lovely trip.

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  • Everyone is doing great! All help push the narrative forward, adding generous dollops of quirkiness to the book. Wolcott doesn't pretend to have any great answers to the question what is love? Michael Paulson teaches English in Baltimore. By Nefertiti Austin. Sign up for our newsletters! Aug 08, T. Munroe rated it really liked it. There are people who watch John's cat while he's away, but I think the title is a bit of a stretch.

    I really like the characters--funny, quirky, a few tropes, but they work.

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    Enjoyable light read. Nov 06, Tammy rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf.

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    Boring with a capital B! I only got half way through and wasn't interested enough to finish it. Jan 11, Alex rated it liked it. Definitely a guilty pleasure! Fast read. May 07, Gail rated it liked it. It's even tough out there for the guys. Aug 20, Barbara rated it really liked it. Amusing light novel about a man trying to find love. Kind of a male Pride and Prejudice. Nov 10, Kristi Davis rated it it was ok.

    Feb 21, Donna rated it did not like it. Pointless, manipulative, dated and tedious. Nov 05, Andrea rated it liked it. I read this book because I am researching personal narrative style books. That being send, this was at some points clever but at times incredibly naive in its prose.

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    Aug 16, Alexa rated it liked it. Good writing but the characters are not put to a sufficient enough test to make the book interesting. Also, cats and bubble baths? Protoganist seems gay. Oct 28, Alex Proverb rated it did not like it. This was a good story about a bachelor growing up and becoming more sensitive to the women around him and himself evolving. Fun read. Thrall has a copy. Comedy of manners. Mar 29, Melissa rated it liked it. A light read. Jeanette McCulloh rated it it was ok May 21, Heather rated it it was ok Aug 07, Angela rated it liked it Mar 04, Kat rated it really liked it Oct 20, Dean rated it it was ok Aug 19, Ashley rated it it was ok Aug 15, Rasel Suzzette Paala rated it really liked it Apr 20,